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Rehab Success: Getting The Most Out of Therapy

Posted by Sunset Staff on Mar 14, 2018 3:10:43 PM

The most common question rehabilitation patients ask Isaiah Rupp is whether their physical or occupational therapy is actually going to work.

“I tell them therapy will indeed work, as long as they participate in the process.”

Isaiah is part of an eight-person team that provides in-patient and outpatient rehab services at Sunset Village. Programs range from neurological therapy for clients recovering from strokes to physical therapy for those with joint and mobility issues. An important part of the team’s role is educating patients about how rehab aids in their recoveries.

“Many people don’t immediately understand the goal of rehab,” explains Isaiah. “While we don’t treat the conditions that caused a stroke, for instance, we do help patients regain functional ability following the event.”

In keeping with Sunset’s person-centered approach to rehab, Isaiah and his team work to understand their patients’ individual goals. Then, by tailoring programs to each person’s desired outcomes, they help motivate patients to apply the effort required for therapy to succeed.

“Take cooking as an example,” says Isaiah. “For patients who love to cook, regaining that ability is a priority. The Life Skills Center at Sunset Village features a fully functional kitchen where patients can practice cooking and other culinary tasks as part of their therapy. And when they realize that therapy will get them back cooking sooner, they’re more likely to put in the work.”

Treating from Head to Toe

Sunset Village offers rehab programs for orthopedic, neurological, cardiac, post surgical pain management, fall prevention, and other conditions—or what Isaiah likes to call “head-to-toe treatment.” He says patients sense they’re going to be well cared for as soon as they see the top-end equipment in the rehab center.

“Patients love the SwimEx® therapy pool so much, that some are almost sad when it’s time for them to leave rehab,” notes Isaiah. “The warm water creates a comfortable exercise environment, and users experience great improvements in their overall strength, balance, and endurance.”

Isaiah, who has a bachelor’s degree in applied health science from Bowling Green State University, explains that the focus of rehab is getting patients functioning comfortably and back home as quickly as possible.

“The sooner someone can begin therapy the better, and equipment also plays a role there. The Biodex Unweighing System® supports up to 40 percent of a person’s weight, which allows patients to begin performing weight-bearing therapy exercises faster. That’s not equipment found at most rehab facilities.”

If you’ve been wondering whether rehab services would work for you, Isaiah encourages you to put his team—and yourself—to the test.

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