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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Posted by Gayle Young on Jul 24, 2018 2:04:54 PM

Outside the main dining room at Sunset Village, you’ll find a beautiful raised flower bed filled with flourishing Zinnias, Columbines, and Cosmos. The garden, along with several smaller ones located throughout the Sunset Village campus, are lovingly maintained on a voluntary basis by some of our residents and staff.

Longtime resident Letty H. oversees the ambitious gardening project. Peg A. and Richard and Linda W.—residents at Fieldstone Villas at Sunset Village—help with planting and daily upkeep. And Village resident Pat Y. waters the beds twice daily. Letty has also recruited members from Sunset’s nursing, maintenance, and culinary staffs to provide daily upkeep assistance.

Sunset Communities supplies funding to purchase flowers through our Life Enrichment Fund. Many residents and their families also donate flowers for planting. What’s more, seeds and bulbs from each season often get replanted the following fall or spring.20180719_105049

In addition to flowers, residents and staff also maintain herb and vegetable gardens. Freshly grown tomatoes, cucumbers, and various peppers are shared with our residents—who can often be seen snacking on the delicious harvest.

The gardens have inspired Sunset residents to create an indoor bulletin board that highlights activity in the flower beds. Our Nature Bulletin Board is updated weekly and features a flower of the week. Village resident Jo Ann R. draws a picture of each week’s flower, which—along with interesting facts about the plant—gets posted on the board.

Maintaining the bulletin board has become a community-wide endeavor. For example, Jo Ann, Richard, and other authors pen poems and Haikus about the flowers. Here’s a recent Haiku from an anonymous author:

Bees buzz, butterflies
Flutter around Zinnias
Summer’s heat lovers

The poems are posted on the bulletin board, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Living life fully

“Residents throughout the Sunset community have become involved in the gardening project, whether it’s through performing physical gardening and keeping up the beds, or with contributions to the Nature Bulletin Board,” says Janel Smith, Sunset’s Life Enrichment Liaison. “Participants are committed to providing our residents a natural source of beauty, as well as an ongoing opportunity to observe the garden’s progression.”

Providing gardening and flower bed resources is just one way Sunset works with our residents to continuously celebrate and enrich their daily lives.

“Whatever your personal interests, Sunset Communities gives you the freedom to do the things you love to do,” explains Janel. “All you have to leave behind are your cares.”

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