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Dispelling the Myths About Dementia

Posted by Gayle Young on Nov 15, 2019 8:25:00 AM

Is dementia inevitable as we grow old? Many people think it is. In truth, dementia is not a regular part of the human aging process. While principally impacting older adults, dementia results from conditions or injuries affecting the brain that could occur at any age.

Despite evidence to the contrary, a recent study found that 22 percent of people incorrectly believe that dementia is an unavoidable risk in aging. Another 17 percent are uncertain whether dementia is inevitable or not. What could cause such widespread confusion?

There is a great deal of misinformation about dementia available—from folklore describing implausible causes of dementia to a host of phony treatment theories. To help you sort fact from fiction, we’ve compiled a list of ten common myths about dementia into a free downloadable eBook.

Incorrect information about dementia often leads to unnecessary worry or false hope. Don’t let the myths mislead you. Read our eBook now.

Download 10 Myths That Are Misleading You About Dementia

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