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3 Common Myths About Assisted Living

Posted by Gayle Young on Mar 11, 2019 1:52:01 PM

Contemplating a move from your own home to an assisted living community involves significant consideration. The transition often means dealing with emotional issues and facing unknowns. Making an informed decision becomes even more difficult when you have misinformation.

At Sunset, we hear plenty of stereotypes and misconceptions about assisted living. Regrettably, those falsehoods lead to unwarranted fears.

Here, then, are three common assisted living myths—and the reasons why you should ignore them.

You’ll Be Cut Off From Family and Friends

Many older adults believe that moving to an assisted living facility will isolate them from the people they love most. Some presume there are strict visitor restrictions in senior living communities. Others fear missing out on family dinners, get-togethers with friends, and traditional holiday celebrations.

As it turns out, Sunset residents generally find spending quality time with loved ones easier after they move here. Family and friends are welcome to visit you—inside your apartment or in common areas. There are also spaces reservable for small gatherings, so you can host guests without the added pressure of preparing your home for visitors. What's more, loved ones can dine as your guests at Sunset.

People sometimes assume that rules prohibit them from driving their cars after moving to assisted living. As long as you have a valid drivers license and are capable of operating a vehicle safely, nothing prevents you from driving your car when visiting family and friends.

You’ll Be Bored

Another common fear among those considering assisted living is that they will get bored sitting around all day. However, many of our residents find themselves becoming more active after moving to Sunset.

We offer residents a variety of engaging activities, including entertainment events (such as our upcoming summer concert series), social outings, and instructional classes. Residents can partake in hobbies such as gardening and painting, or join in group exercise programs.

At Sunset, we understand that boredom is a problem in many facilities. That's why we strive to help you find the active lifestyle you are seeking.

You'll Lose Your Independence

When thinking about assisted living, people often imagine themselves needing help with all their daily activities. Such images depict a lifestyle lacking happiness and independence. In reality, supported living communities provide various levels of care to meet each resident's exact needs. As a result, residents can remain as independent as they desire.

At Sunset, most residents can choose from several floorplans, bring their pets, decorate with favorite furniture pieces, come and go as they please, and have visitors over whenever they like. We're committed to helping Sunset residents maintain their independence and enjoy the activities they love.


Because of misleading myths, too many older adults associate assisted living with a loss of freedom and independence. Although transitioning to assisted living can prove challenging, top communities such as Sunset find ways to create joy and excitement, keep residents connected to their loved ones, and help people remain independent.

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