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Is Independent Living at Sunset Communities a Good Value?

Posted by Gayle Young on Sep 6, 2017 10:33:59 AM

When thinking about moving to The Woodlands or Fieldstone Villas, one factor to consider is the financial aspect. It’s important to do a cost-benefit analysis, comparing the costs and benefits of independent living at either one of these Sunset Communities’ to the costs and benefits of living in your current house.

If you haven’t yet experienced the truly independent lifestyle that’s available at Sunset Communities, it can be hard to judge the value you find here. Here are a just a few areas we suggest considering when you’re thinking about making the move to either The Woodlands or Fieldstone Villas.

Independent Living Options at Sunset Communities

There are two options for independent living at Sunset Communities – The Woodlands and Fieldstone Villas. The Woodlands, located in Toledo, feature apartment-style homes and a rental contract. There is onsite parking, and you’ll be treated to lovely views of the beautiful grounds from your apartment. The Woodlands also features first-class, restaurant-style dining for your convenience.

Fieldstone Villas is our true Life Plan Community, located in Sylvania. The villas feature attached garages, with outdoor space that’s all your own – a perfect place to garden, or relax with coffee or a book. Homes in Fieldstone Villas are new construction, with beautiful, modern kitchens, spacious rooms, and all the services you’d expect – lawn care, snow removal, and maintenance.

Financial Considerations

An important consideration in value is typically the actual dollar amount. When you move to The Woodlands you’ll pay a Community Fee and a Monthly Rent. When you move to Fieldstone Villas, our Life Plan Community, you will be paying an entrance fee and a monthly service fee. These fees can include some things such as: electricity, water, housekeeping, maintenance and selected meals. The best way to determine the cost of independent living at Sunset Communities is to meet with a member of the team and discuss your personal needs and preferences.

When comparing the raw dollars, it’s important to look at all of the bills, amenities, and services that are out-of-pocket costs in your current house. To truly compare the costs, you’d need to include: mortgage, utilities, property taxes, home insurance, household repairs and cleaning, snow removal, yard care, transportation, gym membership, concerts, lectures, and part of your grocery bill!

Non Monetary Considerations

Safety & Security

Imagine you’ve booked your dream vacation – a month long tour through Europe. You’re so excited to go, but you know that you need to take care of a few things first. You’ll need to hold your mail and newspaper subscriptions. You have to find someone to mow the lawn while you’re gone, and someone else to pop over and check on things from time to time. You have to remember to set lights on timers to give the illusion that someone is home. You might even have to line someone up to check on your house or fix damage after a storm.

If you were to live at either The Woodlands or Fieldstone Villas, while you’re away, you know that your home is secure, thanks to the continuous presence of our staff. Your mail and newspapers will be waiting for you when you arrive. You don’t have to ask someone to stop by and check on your house because you know that the housekeeping staff is going to keep it clean and the maintenance staff will make sure that the outdoor space is properly cared for. If there is a terrible storm that leaves wind damage or a fallen branch, you know the on-site maintenance staff will take care of it. You won’t have to cut your trip short or spend a day interviewing contractors to get your house or apartment fixed.


The International Council on Active Aging recognizes seven dimensions of wellness: intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, vocational, emotional, and environmental. To be truly well, an individual needs to care for all seven dimensions. Imagine you were snowed in at your current house. Would you be able to see family and friends face-to-face? How would you exercise? Would you have access to your library, or concerts or lectures? Would you have quick and easy access to a nutritious meal?

At both The Woodlands and Fieldstone Villas, you can address all of the dimensions of wellness without leaving campus. An on-site library fosters your intellectual needs. A wellness center is available for some physical exercise – either on your own or in a regularly scheduled class. You have neighbors within walking distance, so you’ll always be able to get together for a chat or game. There’s an opportunities for spiritual enrichment, and spaces for you to pursue your hobbies and passions. In almost every instance, Sunset Communities can better meet all seven dimensions of wellness than your existing residence.


The final aspect to consider when determining if life at The Woodlands or Fieldstone Villas is how much your time is worth. Think about what you’d be able to do if you weren’t doing the housekeeping, the yard maintenance, or fixing the inevitable problems that come with owning a house. If something goes wrong in your apartment or villa, a phone call is all it takes to have a Sunset employee check it out! You don’t have to put your plans on hold and stick around for the 4-hour window while you wait for the plumber to arrive.

As you consider making the move to either of our independent living options, you should talk to your financial advisor and your family. As you look at the financial aspects, consider the intrinsic value that comes with Sunset Communities – wellness, safety and security, and more time. We think you’ll find that the best value for your money is here, at The Woodlands or Fieldstone Villas.

To learn more about The Woodlands, call 419-724-1220. For more information about Fieldstone Villas, call 419-386-2686. Or, contact us via our website.

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