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“Working at Sunset House is like Coming Home.” Meet Felice Wolff, Admissions Counselor

Posted by Gayle Young on Jun 23, 2017 4:05:54 PM

“[Sunset House] has always been a part of me,” Felice says.

Growing up in a community adjacent to Sunset House, Felice was introduced to the work and care provided through the former Sunset House Auxiliary. Her friends’ mothers were active participants in the Auxiliary, and she often found herself helping with various activities. Felice’s first interactions with Sunset House were ones of service – and that continues to be her reason for returning to work here – not once, not twice, but three times.

In her first role, Felice worked in Admissions/Resident Services, where part of her responsibility was to be the liaison with the former Sunset House Auxiliary – the group she had become so familiar with as a teen – and also marketing The Woodlands. Felice is now happy to be back as an Admissions Counselor for Sunset House.

“It feels like I’m coming home,” Felice said about returning.

In her role as Admissions Counselor, Felice is often the first person people contact when they are considering a move to Sunset House. She gets to know the prospective resident and their family, finds out their needs, assists them through the application process, and hosts them on campus for tours, visits, and events.

Felice loves serving in this role, saying, “I’m honored that Sunset has given me the privilege to be that first impact for our future residents.”

Part of Felice’s job is to talk about what makes Sunset Communities unique – and there are three areas she likes to highlight – the family-like atmosphere, person-centered care difference, and the not-for-profit continuum of care.

The family-like atmosphere is linked, in Felice’s opinion, to two main factors – the first, that Sunset Communities is a small, local corporation. It has focused on serving seniors in Ohio since the 1870s. Secondly, she notes that there are many employees who have been working for Sunset Communities for more than thirty years, which means a consistent team, and the opportunity to know key people very well.

Person-centered care, also known as the Eden Alterative, is a philosophy which drives many of the decisions made at Sunset. As Felice explains it, “The resident is in the center of the circle, and you work out; their needs are met first, then the employees, and then the leadership is on the outside.” This philosophy puts a great amount of weight on the needs and desires of the individual residents, over the desires of the leadership team and the company.

Another element that sets Sunset Communities apart is that it’s a not-for-profit organization with a full continuum of care. Unlike stand-alone assisted living communities, should a resident’s needs ever change, residents will have access to the appropriate level of care, meaning a resident (or their loved one) won’t have to search for a new place to live.

Says Felice, “I think because I’ve worked on the other side – just assisted living, without continuing care, my advice is to look for a not-for-profit with the full continuum of care that can and will provide care for you at any level. Once you’re a resident at Sunset House, no one is asked to leave if they legitimately exhaust their financial capabilities.”

If you’re considering life at Sunset House, give Felice a call at 419-536-4645. She can’t wait to meet you!

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